Modern Warfare 2 has already made $1 billion before selling a single microtransaction

Modern Warfare 2 has already made $1 billion before selling a single microtransaction

Everyone expected Modern Warfare 2 to be a return to form for Call of Duty, both in player sentiment as well as launch revenue. Having already broken franchise records on Steam, and set a new standard for opening weekend sales, the game has achieved yet another milestone.

Activision announced that Modern Warfare 2 has now made over $1 billion in total revenue.

The campaign was released a week early, which certainly didn’t hurt.

The figure was achieved in the game’s first ten days on sale, and it strictly covers sales to customers, making it the fastest game to reach $1 billion sell-through in Call of Duty history. Previous record holder was Black Ops 2, which amassed the same amount in 15 days.

The stats, of course, are a little skewed here, considering Modern Warfare 2 is a $70 game, with another $100 edition on most platforms. Indeed, it may be that the higher price is hiding a drop in raw sales numbers.

Nevertheless, all that money was generated entirely from sales, before the arrival of microtransactions, the battle pass, or any other way for players to spend money in-game. All of those will drop next week with Warzone 2.0 and the start of the first season.

Modern Warfare 2 also has the highest grossing opening for an entertainment product this year, on top of being Call of Duty’s best-selling game during its first three days.

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