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A little over a month ago an unassuming retro-inspired action game called Retro Abyss launched in the App Store, and with precisely one billion and one retro-revival style games coming out every day, it would have been easy to glance right past it. That would have been a grave mistake though because Retro Abyss is actually one of the more inventive games I’ve played recently, and it’s one that feels purpose-built for mobile devices. We describe in greater detail why we fell so hard for this one in our Game of the Week post from its release, so be sure to give that a read if context is what you crave. However, right now I’d like to talk about the latest update for Retro Abyss, because it’s a good one. Three new classes in total: The Guardian and Summoner classes available for all players, and then the Paladin class which is exclusive to those who have paid for the premium unlock IAP. Check out the update in action in the following trailer.

It should be said that alongside these three new classes there are also a host of improvements, tweaks, and fixes. Things like tweaking how the post-level rewards work, redoing some of the level layouts, rebalancing all of the classes, improving the boss difficulty, and lots more. It also should be said that this isn’t the first content update for the game, as very shortly after release more save game slots were added so you didn’t have to delete a save file and lose its progress just to try out a different class; and then a couple of weeks after that two other new classes were added to the game: The Magician and the Healer. You will have to have beaten the game at least once to see the Magician, Healer, Guardian, and Summoner classes but the Paladin class is available right away for all premium unlock players. Retro Abyss offers a ton of enjoyment totally for free, and it’s still just 99¢ to unlock the premium experience and get so much more, so if you haven’t checked this one out already now is the time to do so.

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