Disney Dreamlight Valley Compensation: How to get 2500 free Moonstones

Disney Dreamlight Valley Compensation: How to get 2500 free Moonstones

If, like me, you’ve been relatively addicted to Disney Dreamlight Valley, and its relaxing take on the life simulation genre, you’re probably well aware of the ‘not loading’ issues that players were running into over the past week or two.

The Lion King’s Scar recently made his way into Dreamlight Valley, if you’re yet to meet him.

The issue prevented keen Disney Dreamlight Valley players from jumping into the game. Essentially, unless they got lucky during a restart, some players would end up locked out for much of the Halloween event, too.

Fortunately, a fix for the issue was dished out on November 2 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players. Switch players had to wait a little while longer, but the Switch fix arrived shortly after on November 3.

Back when the issue was first addressed, Disney Dreamlight Valley promised its players some in-game compensation for their trouble. Today (Monday, November 7), that compensation is being sent directly to players.

What is it, exactly? Well, 2500 free Moonstones. Moonstones are used for purchasing Disney Dreamlight Valley’s cosmetic battle pass, the Star Path, and subsequent Moonstones can be used to collect each cosmetic.

You’ll be able to claim the 2500 free Moonstones upon successfully logging into Dreamlight Valley, and then it’s entirely up to you what you do with them. There’s no expiry date on this freebie, which means you can spend them all at once, or save them for an upcoming Star Path if you’d prefer.

In addition, the Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account recently shared a survey asking what players think of the game. So, if you’ve anything you want to share with GameLoft about your experience, or how you think Dreamlight Valley can be even better, now’s your time to shine!

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