2023’s Big Games That Could Get Pushed Into 2024

2023's Big Games That Could Get Pushed Into 2024

A collage shows characters from Final Fantasy, Warhammer and Ark 2.

Image: Square Enix / Wildcard / Focus Entertainment / Kotaku

Video games are very hard to make, take years to finish, and require many people to work together to create them. As a result, video games are incredibly complex and more prone to delays than movies, books, or TV shows. So just because a game is set to come out in 2023 doesn’t mean it actually will…

It should be noted that we can’t tell the future and don’t have any inside knowledge on these projects that we haven’t already reported. So we could (and likely will) be wrong about some or even all of these. But as the pandemic continues to cause production problems around the world, it’s harder than ever to ship a game on time. If these games do get delayed, I hope it spares the devs from having to crunch for months to get something out the door. But even delays can lead to crunch and overtime, as we’ve unfortunately learned this year.

Now, let’s take a look at some games currently scheduled to launch in 2023 that we think might end up getting pushed back into 2024.

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